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To Tell the Truth is an American television panel game show, created by Bob Stewart and originally produced by Mark Goodson—Bill Todman Productionsthat has aired in various forms since both on networks and in syndication.

As of June 14,the show is one of two game shows in the United States to have aired at least one new episode in at least seven consecutive decades, the other game show being both incarnations of The Price Is Right.

As of the version, a total of 26 seasons of the various versions of To Tell the Truth have been produced, surpassing the 25 of What's My Line? This "central character" is accompanied by two impostors who pretend to be the central character or characters ; together, the three persons or pairs are said to belong to a "team of challengers.

Although there have been some variations in the rules over the years the truth about casinos the addition of a secondary game in some versionscertain basic aspects have remained consistent throughout all versions of To Tell the Truth.

Three challengers are introduced, all claiming to be the central character. The announcer typically asks the challengers, who stand side by side, "What is your name, please? The panelists are each given a period of time to question the challengers. Questions are directed to the challengers by number Number One, Number Two and Number Threewith the central character sworn to give truthful answers, and the impostors permitted to lie the truth about casinos pretend to be the central character.

After questioning is complete, each member of the panel votes on which of the challengers they believe to be the central character, either by writing the number on a card or holding up a card with the number of their choice, without consulting the other panelists. Any panelist who knows one of the challengers or has another unfair advantage is required to the truth about casinos or disqualify himself or herself which, for scoring purposes, is counted as a "wrong vote.

Once the votes are in, the host asks, "Will the real [person's name] please stand up? Occasionally, the central character would be asked to do something the truth about casinos related to their story instead of standing up. The two impostors then reveal their real names and their actual occupations.

Prize money is awarded and divided among all three of the challengers, based on the number of "wrong" votes the impostors draw. The existence of an audience ticket for a taping indicates that the show originated in color at the CBS Broadcast Center in late Cass and Carlisle stayed on as panelists for most subsequent editions.

On the pilot and the prime-time run, three games were played per episode. If there was a tie for the highest vote from the audience, and for each panelist who was disqualified, a wrong vote was counted.

There was no consolation the truth about casinos for no wrong votes. For each panelist who was disqualified, a wrong vote was counted. A design element in the set for this series was a platform directly above and behind the emcee's desk.

The contestants stood on this platform during their introduction allowing the camera to pan directly down to the host. They then traveled down a curved staircase to the main stage level just click for source play the game. On Monday, June 18,a daytime five-day-per-week edition was introduced, running at 3 p.

Eastern, and 2 p. The daytime show, also hosted the truth about casinos Collyer, featured a separate panel for its first three years, with actress Phyllis Newman as the only regular. The evening panel took over the afternoon show in the truth about casinos in earlyBert Convy replaced Poston in the first chair.

The daytime show was reduced to two games to accommodate a five-minute news break towards the half-hour mark. She had videotaped the program six days earlier, according to the New York Herald Tribune. The newspaper added that Kilgallen and Arlene Francis both pretended to be Joan Crawford while sitting next to the truth about casinos real Crawford in a celebrity segment that the daytime series featured regularly starting in The episode was one of the large majority of To Tell the Truth daytime episodes that were destroyed because of the common practice of wiping videotape prior to the invention of the videocassette.

This was a different half-hour telecast from the prime-time episode on which Kilgallen can be seen and heard as one of the panelists. GSN repeated that episode decades later. The prime-time show ended on May 22,with the daytime show ending on The truth about casinos 6, Metropole Orchestra leader Dolf van der Linden composed the show's first theme, "Peter Pan," used from to The truth about casinos tothe show switched to a Bob Cobert -penned theme with a beat similar to "Peter Pan", and then to a Score Productions tune during its final CBS daytime season.

Most episodes of the original nighttime run of the series were preserved on black and white kinescopealong with a few color videotape episodes. Many daytime episodes including some in color from to exist, including the color finale.

Reruns of the black and white kinescopes were running on the The truth about casinos channel as of late The truth about casinos To Tell the Truth returned only a year later, in autumn ofin first-run syndication. During the early years of its run, the syndicated Truth became a highly rated component of stations's early-evening schedules after the Federal Communications Commission imposed the Prime Time Access Rule in[7] opening up at least a half hour a full hour, usually, on Eastern Time Zone stations to fill with non-network fare between either the local or network evening newscast and the start of the network's prime-time schedule for the evening.

There were two "games" actually rounds per episode, and there was often a live demonstration or video to illustrate the central character's story after many of the games. The show was first released to local stations on September 8, A total of 1, episodes of this version were produced, with the series ending on September 7, Some markets that added the series after its release opted to carry the show for another season or two in order to catch up on the episodes that had not aired in their viewing area.

To host the revival series, Goodson and Todman made a call to original host Bud Collyer. Although he had retired from television a few years earlier following the cancellation of his eponymous TV showMoore decided the time was right to return and he accepted the offer to the truth about casinos the new series. Many regulars from the original run appeared, including Tom Poston and Bert Convy.

In lateduring the eighth season, Moore was diagnosed with throat cancer [9] and left for the remainder of the season the truth about casinos deal with his illness. As he had done numerous times before, Bill Cullen became his replacement.

As Cullen's time as host continued on, Mark Goodson go here how Cullen's serving as host, rather the truth about casinos as a panelist, hurt the chemistry he had shared with Cass and Carlisle.

Garagiola stated that he was "pinch-hitting" for Moore, who returned to the series for a farewell performance on the ninth-season premiere in Moore explained why he had left the program, then after presiding over one last game announced his final retirement from television and handed the host position to Garagiola permanently.

To Tell the Truth ended production at the end of the season. Johnny Olson stayed with To Tell the Truth when it moved to syndication. To Tell the Truth used three distinctive sets throughout its nine-year syndicated run. The first, designed by Theodore Cooper and dubbed by some as the the truth about casinos set, was used for the first two the truth about casinos and the first four weeks of the third; with one man on the door. The third--and longest-lived--set, which Cooper also designed, was a blue-hued, gold-accented, block-motif the truth about casinos. This set was used for the remainder of the run.

The theme was written and composed by Score Productions chief Robert A. The bulk of this version is intact. However, the current status of the first season is unknown, and is presumed to be lost to wiping. GSN has never rerun the first season of the show, and had always begun with the second season. On September 8,a new To Tell the Truth series premiered in syndication. The truth about casinos new theme and set were commissioned for this edition of Truth. Even though previous link Bill Cullen, Peggy Cass, and Kitty Carlisle made frequent appearances, there was no regular panel for this edition.

The new Truth aired for one season in syndication, but it never recaptured the popularity of the original, and the truth about casinos its final episode on September 11, No consolation prize was given if the entire panel correctly identified the subject. After the second game, a new game called "One on One" was played with the four impostors from earlier. One fact had been purposely withheld from the panel about one the truth about casinos the impostors and it was the truth about casinos to the panelists to determine correctly to which of the impostors it applied.

The edition of To Tell the Truth was a rarity in that it was still based in New York while nearly all television game show production had moved to California. Millionaire continued to tape in New York until To Tell the Truth returned again, and returned to a major broadcast network, for a run that lasted just nine months from September 3, to May 31, After spending many years originating from New York, the show originated for the first time from California at NBC's Burbank the truth about casinos complex.

The show's theme music was an orchestral remix of the —78 theme minus the lyricsand the show utilized the block-letter logo from — All episodes of this series exist and have aired on GSN in reruns.

The show's two pilot episodes were the truth about casinos by actor Richard Kline with Charlie O'Donnell as announcer, and one of these was accidentally aired on September 3, in the Eastern Time Zone markets. After eight weeks, a dispute with Elliott's former employers in Australia forced him off American television altogether temporarily, and he was replaced with then-frequent panelist Lynn Swann.

Swann, in turn, left due to his own conflicts, the truth about casinos he was a reporter for ABC Sports at the time, and Alex Trebek was brought in to be the permanent host.

Trebek missed two episodes due to his wife going into labor during a taping and Mark Goodson filled in for him. This made him only the second host, after Jim Perryto host three nationally televised game shows simultaneously and the first to do it entirely in the United States; Perry hosted a pair of Canadian-based game shows, Definition and Headline Hunterswhile hosting Card Sharks in the United States from to The celebrity panelists for To The truth about casinos the Truth during this period included several of the '70s panel stalwarts, including Kitty Carlislewho appeared on a majority of the shows, taking the fourth and most upstage seat.

The first seat, furthest downstage, saw Ron Masak and Orson Bean alternate on the the truth about casinos for 34 of the 39 weeks the series was on air. The chair next to that was occupied by rotating guests, although voice actress Dana Hill appeared in the seat most often.

The опустив grootste bonus online casino Нет chair most often featured David Niven, Jr. Polly Bergen and Peggy Casswho began appearing on the original series, appear from time to time, and other frequent panelists included Vicki LawrenceCindy Adamsand Betty White.

The panelists were introduced in twos, with the male panelists escorting the female panelists down the staircase, followed by the host. For one week, Monty Hall who would later replace Bob Hilton as a permanent guest host on the version of Let's Make a Dealsat in the first seat. Two games were played with north gambling america online sets of impostors.

After the second game, a new version of the "One on One" game from the series was played. A the truth about casinos civilian player was brought out with two visit web page, and a member of the studio audience was given an opportunity to win money the truth about casinos trying to figure out which of the two stories were true.

Occasionally, celebrities whose faces were not well known would attempt to stump click here audience during this part of the game.

For example, Hank Ketchamthe creator of Dennis the Menace and a challenger on the original To Tell the The truth about casinos in Maytried during one episode to convince an audience member that he was really the songwriter to " Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer " Johnny Marks had actually done thisbut was unsuccessful in doing so.

The show then had a two-year run in syndication, starting inwith John O'Hurley hosting, and Burton Richardson returning as casinos usa newest online announcer. Gary Stockdale supplied the music for this edition.

In most markets, it was paired up with Family Feudwhich was the truth about casinos hosted by Louie Anderson ; O'Hurley would eventually host Feud from to Actor Meshach Taylor was the only regular to appear on the truth about casinos episode of this edition, while Paula Poundstone was a payout online highest percentage casinos the truth about casinos the first season.

The show's website touted Coles and Brooke Burns as regulars for season two, though neither panelist was featured in every show that year.

Gambling could be the meanest vice that a person could get involved in. When it becomes an addiction it could cause too many problems. Some people say that they could get rich gambling in the Casino, the truth is no one has ever gotten rich gambling.

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Second, the writer does not differentiate between problem gamblers and recreational gamblers. There is a world of difference. She should learn it. Most people say that gambling addiction is worse than alcohol addiction?

Where did that fact come from? Is there anything the truth about casinos prove that "most people" believe that? No one ever gets rich by gambling? Tell that to the admittedly few people who hit million dollar jackpots. Here is a fact -- the writer does not know her facts, and the sophomoric manner in which she presents them only weakens her false arguments.

You give great points in this article. I never gambled too but I have read about people who ended in a financial disaster and needed to sell their house. My husband and I use to go to the casino's maybe twice a year and took with us the amount we were willing to lose, if we lost. Everytime we would always lose. It was so much fun though.

But we never went until all the bills were paid up front first and casino iphone what was left over. Yes, this casino gambling can get addictive very quickly. We don't do this anymore, this was years back. I'm glad you don't make it as a vice. I know some people who have gambled away their properties and it's very sad. A very old subject post here but seen Larrys post and would like to make a comment on it.

Firstly, im guessing the reason the poster spoke about just people who would have problems with gambling is because getting people hooked is what the casinos main aim is.

The people that would do that are either super rich a very small percentage of people or addicted. With gambling becoming a problem it could happen to the truth about casinos. Just because someone has been a responsible gambler for 8 years, theres always the chance they can indeed become a problem gambler.

Its a fact that gambling is worse than alcohol. For alcohol, drugs, smoking, there is warnings all the time about the health risks. Gambling is advertised as "fun" and on adverts they always talk about the winning, not the losing. Im sure if you asked every "responsible" gambler if they have ever spent more than they had planned to spend gambling, the majority would admit to this.

You say people have won big? Yes they have, but how many big winners blew the lot after? Say someone gambles because they enjoy it. Would they give up gambling? Its something they like afterall. The truth about casinos doubt it, they will have more money so more of a budget to gamble.

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