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Simon Woolcot The Netherlands 4 Comments. In recent years, the Shallow Security deposit netherlands has regularly heard stories about how some Dutch landlords come up with the most incredible excuses to keep their hands on the rental security deposits of their expat security deposit netherlands. So imagine his surprise when the landlord sent him the following handwritten breakdown of costs. The hand written invoice above is surely one of the greatest works of security deposit netherlands in history.

Forget Dickens, Shelly or Keats, here we have a piece of literature that is also incredibly poetic. As well as charging the tenant for maintenance of the boiler, which is usually the responsibility of the landlord, not the tenant, the owner claims that it took him 18 hours to clean a 45 square meter apartment! Upon reading the bill, the Shallow Man was immediately flooded with guilt.

I pay my cleaner for four hours work for cleaning an apartment of square meters. She really needs to spend online gambling in michigan minimum of 36 hours based on the time claimed by the landlord. Nor am I paying her enough as the landlord charged an eye-watering security deposit netherlands euros an hour for cleaning services.

The collective labor agreement in the Netherlands for cleaners is The expat had rented the apartment via an agency. When he complained about the bill he received from the landlord, they claimed that the cleaning costs are completely normal. The landlord refused to change anything security deposit netherlands the bill and was even kind enough to advise the expat to take legal action, but warned him that the cost of taking him to court would be a lot more than the amount he was losing from the deposit.

The expat in question took my advice and has managed to agree a financial settlement with the agency and the landlord. My advice to expats new to the Netherlands looking to rent apartments is:. Tags expat rentals amsterdam rent security deposit renting as an expat. And only 25 euro??? My security deposit netherlands took 50 hours at 30 euro an hour which adds up to just about the entire deposit.

We expats need all the help security deposit netherlands can get with so many trying to take advantage of security deposit netherlands here. Ours got away with half of our 5, deposit and we left the flat cleaner than when we check this out in.

We even paid a security deposit netherlands company to assist in the handover of keys and they said it was one the dirtiest flats they had ever seen but when we moved can you make money from online casinos they would no longer get involved to help recoup our full deposit.

Expat tenants and raiders of the lost rental security deposits Simon Woolcot The Netherlands 4 Comments. Infamous blogger, annoyance and self confessed Shallow Man. Simon is a British expat who has lived in Link for over 11 years, and due to Brexit may soon be applying for asylum. As well as writing this blog, Simon also has a Security deposit netherlands channel of the same name, writes and directs videos, and hosts seminars about life in the Netherlands.

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Security Deposit Laws Landlord and Tenants | Security deposit netherlands

LED regularly publish articles covering a wide spectrum of legal topics. Often, when a property is rented out, the tenant has to pay the landlord a deposit when the tenancy security deposit netherlands starts usually equivalent to one months' rent. The deposit offers the landlord protection should the tenant fail to meet some or all of his obligations. When the tenancy agreement ends, the landlord should return the deposit to the tenant, unless the landlord has a valid claim on the deposit.

There is often uncertainty about when the deposit can be legally claimed to offset other costs or expenses. There are three cases when a landlord may security deposit netherlands part or all of the deposit:. Firstly, the landlord has a claim on the deposit if the tenant has failed to meet all or some of his payment obligations.

This is known as offsetting rent arrears, or unpaid rent. Secondly, the landlord can deduct costs from the deposit if the tenant has breached his handover obligations as stipulated in Section 7: Casino games indonesia section of the Code describes two scenarios: If a description has united states online gambling sites compiled, the tenant must hand over the rented property in the same condition as when he took it over, as detailed in the description, with the exception of permitted changes and any loss or damage caused by ageing or normal wear and tear.

All of this is, in principle, without prejudice to Sections 7: The tenant is responsible security deposit netherlands minor defects for which the tenant must pay; and for damages, except for fire damage or damage to the outside of the property. However, if it is apparent from the description that the defects or damage were security deposit netherlands present when the tenancy agreement began, the tenant is not responsible for carrying out the repair work.

If no description has been compiled, it will be assumed the tenant received the rented property in the state it is in at the end of the tenancy agreement. If the landlord claims that it is in a different state, he must provide evidence to back up this assertion. In this situation, security deposit netherlands tenant is still responsible for minor defects and for damage as mentioned above.

Thirdly, in cases where the tenant fails to hand over the property, or hands it over in an security deposit netherlands state, the deposit may article source be defaulted, for which no notice is required, as stipulated under Section 6: In such situations therefore, the tenant is immediately in default and the landlord may claim the deposit.

The reason for this lies in the nature of the obligation, which can only be fulfilled the moment the tenancy agreement ends. The date of final handover must be viewed as a strict deadline. In order to avoid disputes about the obligations on handover, it is in the interests of security deposit netherlands the landlord and the tenant to jointly carry out an inspection a few weeks before the end of the tenancy agreement.

This gives both parties the opportunity - taking account of the description - if any - of the rented property when the tenancy began security deposit netherlands to make written agreements about the repair work security deposit netherlands to be undertaken by the tenant.

It is essential that both parties sign this agreement. Verba volent, scripta manent: In a judgement passed by the North Holland District Court on 18 Aprilthe parties had carried out a joint inspection on the day of handover; however, they did not jointly compile a report.

Months later, the landlord sent a report which he had unilaterally drawn up and argued that he should be allowed to deduct the repair costs from the deposit. Just click for source absence of a prior inspection does not mean the tenant cannot be deemed to be in default. Security deposit netherlands, if the tenant is not given the opportunity to do the repair work himself, then repair costs may only be claimed to the extent these would have been incurred by the tenant had he repaired the property himself.

These costs are usually lower than the costs of professional repairs the landlord would wish to offset. On security deposit netherlands Februarythe court in Breda similarly ruled that, regarding the removal of a cat flap and holes in the walls where a number of pictures had been hung, the only costs eligible for reimbursement were the DIY costs of the repair.

This was due to the fact that neither a prior inspection nor a final inspection had been carried out and the tenant had not been given the opportunity to do the repair work himself. However the existence of this situation and the amount being claimed must be clearly established. Moreover, security deposit netherlands claim must be properly substantiated including figures. In the case in question, these requirements were not met, and the landlord was not able to offset the loss against the deposit.

Do you have other questions about housing deposits? Marie-Christine has an experience of over 14 years in real estate law. Home Housing Housing Articles. Renting in the Netherlands: Getting your housing deposit back 0. Author Marie-Christine Veltkamp-van Paassen.

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