Sci fi casino losing money simcity Casino's Are Bugged: Confirmed : SimCity Sci fi casino losing money simcity Gambling - SimCity Wiki - SimCity 5 Community Wiki and Guide SimCity. It's because if you were saving up money for say, a casino headquarters, The sci-fi casino was losing thousands of dollars a day.

For patch notes please see the SimCity Website. Pretty funny how Gambling went through completely broken when it's the only specialization they ever demo'd. Yah you would think hey, lets test out the gambling system!

Wow I'm loosing sci fi casino losing money simcity money in my bigger gambling halls. Gambling halls rack in the money, it's casinos that cost a fortune, and I have 3 in one city I tried everything to make them work: Also, what were they thinking when they decided to make you have to activate the events for stadiums? I'd rather have sci fi casino losing money simcity income without an upfront fee than having to cycle between those stupid buildings to activate events.

You would be pissed if suddenly your stadium was all 'Oh hey. I want to throw a rock concert tonight. You would be pissed at maxis for that. This was they only schedule events when you know you have the money and ability to pull tourists and not just waste it when you're saving for something else. But what's the point of canceling an event. That's what I wanna know because you don't get money back or anything.

Just guessing here, but one reason might be so you can bulldoze it if you want to. I know things like buildings won't let you bulldoze them if they are on fire, so maybe you can't bulldoze an expo center when it is in event mode. Can you spam events back to back? I swear I lost money doing that, so I assumed they have a period where you have to let the populace recharge.

I probably hit a wealth surge if what you said is correct though. I do on mine. Successfully wake in over per arena. I also have 3 arenas. Well I have 4 but havnt tested it out yet to see how much I can make with all 4. And they don't have a recharge period, but you do have to spend money upfront to actually setup the event. There was a last-minute tuning change to make the casinos not such money-making machines, but unfortunately that change went too far and put the in the red.

My sci-fi casino is working on a k profit daily!! Is this cause of the bug or am I playing it wrong? If I only knew that both of the nice casinos, being very accessible and including lodging and the works, would fail miserably. Believe me, you aren't alone here. So, you guys made sci fi casino losing money simcity change that you didn't have time to properly test, just so that some people wouldnt make too much money?

We way make money on roulette a sign hanging in my office for App dev teams that do this thing, its called testing in production. You guys literally made a change to beta test during live play. This is awesome, click the following article to know my company isn't the only one that refuses to use their test servers to, guide tipping casino know, test.

Any time frame of when this change will come? I've been delaying the idea of a tourism and casino city for so sci fi casino losing money simcity because sci fi casino losing money simcity traffic, before I finally gave in and it's so sci fi casino losing money simcity fun, but I want to see how far I can really take Also, is they any discussion about the massive over inflation of electronics and how easy it is to make money with it?

If only you had done that the first time, I've spent 5 days trying to build a casino town wish I had known up front that impossible. What is the floor on prices? They need to http://www casinocashjourney com/new_online_casinos htm a known bugs list so people like me don't waste 3 hours trying to get something that's broken to work.

Yeahhhhh imagine the people who aren't on various forums reading all of this, and are still trying: Further proof of why people need sci fi casino losing money simcity stop doing 'demo' betas.

I hate paying to beta test someones game. Yeah, not that people really remember now that it's been so long, but when SC4 first came out before rush hour and all that a lot of things were broken with online casinos usa. Even in the final final version Vanilla still really sucked and traffic was broken I don't recall that but I think I came into the game there late I think I started with rush hour and progressed to NAM pretty fast OK, it isn't just me.

One day, one day my Sim Vegas will rise again. I remember they had this problem in one of the "Let's All Be Mayor" livestreams too. The sci-fi casino was losing thousands of dollars a day, but their gambling houses were fine.

They did, link overcorrected the gambling system from go here too much money made the game too easy learn more here making casinos impossible apparently. Thanks for posting sci fi casino losing money simcity, I won't bother progressing my casino or tourism then.

I'll go back to an industrial focus for the time being. I was wondering what I was doing wrong! What about industry not delivering to commerce has this feature been removed? Industry is pointless right now. You have to use trade depots which gradually get rid of freight. Can't figure it out! I never got to processors, but have you made sure your depots have the exporting option selected instead of "use locally"? Do you have them set to export processors? If so, do you have enough delivery trucks and is your traffic good enough that they can get out of the city in a timely manner?

Unfortunately, traffic outside the city and thus outside of anyone's control can also impact delivery trucks. I had good traffic in my town, but the highways were utterly gridlocked. It took 6 months to get one export once. Heh, I'm in sci fi casino losing money simcity same situation in one of my towns. I have oil trucks and buses backed up to the great work site If you've got a rail connection upgrade to trade sci fi casino losing money simcity and start exporting via the rails.

Very dependable export stream even when the highway system gridlocks. But trade ports are always the way to go with making straight money. Someone in the region should always try to get sci fi casino losing money simcity trade hq as early as possible. Exports are dependent on traffic. Sadly, even if your city itself has no traffic problems, it can still be affected by traffic outside of your city. My exports stopped when gridlock occurred on the highway outside of my city. Had to make a cargo ship port to get rid of goods.

I have the same problem Can't export any of my processors. Let me know if you figure it out. Has anyone here run a successful gambling city??

I got the gambling HQ but could never get it upgraded. Had a city of 75K and another city in the region at 75K with airport, seaport, train, convention center, a landmark, and I had the base sleek casino a little profitable, but never more than my gambling houses.

I just built mine and am at about 90k per day with just one Sci Fi and the basic gambling hall thing. Figure I'll put down another Sci Fi one and should be good to go and get the upgrade. I figure the entertainment add on is best since that gets more tourists in your city.

Lodging seems useless since all my commercial became hotels anyways. In my experience only the low budget starter sci fi casino losing money simcity work profitableconsidering you have a regional bus station and good overall transportation same requirements as the stadium and expo centerthe top-tiers are all in negative profit e. My city of pop. Even if I turn off the low budgets ones, I still have a major loss on the sci-fi one. I placed tourist traps around the city sci fi casino losing money simcity profitable in order to attract more please click for source tourists, but to no avail, they come, just not to the sci-fi casino!!

The city sci fi casino losing money simcity an airport private terminaltrain and reigonal source station. The region private has an overall pop. I'm not entirely sure, I'm using the I think it's called Sleek Casino, the one that's a step higher than the Sci-fi casino. The first two days I was losing 20k on it, and then the next day it just fixed itself.

I did destroy my crappy casino, so that have helped. Also I have a gambling HQ, so that could have helped as well.

Not entirely sure though. I've also got the HQ its mandatory for all casinos, except gambling house online indian casino games, I tried to turn off the gambling houses, but nothing changed. What is your population and wealth, maybe this is the key, or as many other features it's a bug!! My Sci Fi made 43k per day but that's as high as I've gotten it so far.

I'll test click at this page later.

Sci fi casino losing money simcity

Casinos are a bit confusing to me. I have 3 casinos and I built my Sci-fi casino. My first two casinos easily make me money, the first one here:. Now the new sci-fi casino that I built makes SO much less, its actually 9k negative. My question is why do the casinos make such a different amount go here money, and why does the Sci-fi casino steal money from me, while the other two make so much?

I have given it about a month of time to see if it would begin making money. There are some known balance issues with the casino specialization that are being investigated. Improving your city's tourist attraction by adding landmarks and mass transit will help.

It is possible to get the HQ, and focusing on one casino might help, but it is a lot sci fi casino losing money simcity difficult than intended. Looks like there was a last minute adjustment of non-basic casinos that adjusted their profitability that is being reviewed by Maxis. In my last casino city I did have 2x basic casinos and a sci-fi casino going at roughly breakeven with one disco and 2x hotel low wealth rooms. With this setup I was maxing out on low wealth patrons but only a smattering of mid-wealth patrons.

Oh and I did have Toyko tower to bring in the tourists. The sci-fi casino has much higher running costs sci fi casino losing money simcity you need the money that is made from mid-wealth tourists, not low-wealth ones. With the smaller city sizes the game is much more about "leveling" ie: Only time you can short circuit this is if someone else in your region already has those buildings. Casinos are a tricky business to try and handle. So here is a list of things to consider if you want to build something of a casino strip.

So what you are seeing is the first and second notes really hitting home. Your first casino is getting most of the Sims and their cash. It seems to be placed pretty well for this to happen. Your second casino is taking the overflow it is generating just a fraction of the income the first casino is doing. I would have to say your city simply does not attract enough tourists to support all three casinos.

You can try and put down some Expo buildings sci fi casino losing money simcity the like to get this moving forward and gain a bigger draw. Increase the manner in which you can import Sims make sure you provide ways into your city that match the wealth level of the Sims your casino wants.

Trains and Ferries are good for sci fi casino losing money simcity but you will need an air port for wealthy Sims! As noted by Paralytic, if you build the addons for the ferry you can get wealthy Sims as well!

To my understanding the glass-box engine equips every tourist with a pre-defined sum of money to spend. These tourists then walk across the city until they leave or all their money is spent. Hence the different amounts of profits you make can either be attributed to the tourists not having any money left by the time they reach the less-profitable casino, they do not even get there. If they arrive in one corner of the city and all sci fi casino losing money simcity are on the other side, they might forever be in the reds.

So build a regional bus station, a train station, a tourist attraction or so near the casinos to get the tourists there It worked for me. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy sci fi casino losing money simcity terms of service. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. Join them; it only takes a minute: Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Why do different casinos generate different amount of money? My first two casinos easily make me money, the first one here: Private Pansy 9, 11 63 Darkstorm51 26 1 2. Anything other than gambling houses is potentially sci fi casino losing money simcity wonky.

Would you update your question to include which "add-ons" are on each of your casinos? I do have a lot of transportation, I have the Streetcars, Bus terminal, and a Train station. I also have a ferrie, but no one uses it, so I ended up just turning it sci fi casino losing money simcity. I assume ferries require other people in the region to have one as well.

Well then the next question is This mechanic isn't very clear to me but let me guess. Casinos can attract some tourists with their add-ons but that seems minor.

But unfortunately the tl;dr is "Keep in mind this is blown out of the water by electronics.

Or just building a city normally. Sims are a first come first spent mentality. When they come to your town for tourism they will spend their money on the first touristy thing they can get their hands on. If they pass a commercial building on the way to your casino then they just dropped some of their cash on souvenirs. Sims are not an endless resource. They have a set amount of money and will come to your city to spend it.

If you do not have enough tourists to fill your casinos then a new one will never make money. Casinos need to be turned into hotels if you want to get all of the money out of the Sims in question. You seem to have this part down however but its here for completeness.

And that is pretty much all the knowledge I have in the way of casinos and such. Thanks, makes sense now, Would go here suggest that I demolish the scifi casino now?

To save money you could also just power it off. Darkstorm51 Sci fi casino losing money simcity least do what user suggests and turn it off.

But I would say step on up and remove the 14k one turn it off for testing and see if the scifi can get into the sci fi casino losing money simcity again. You will want to start focusing on drawing tourists to your town to really get a good strip going but be careful of crime. Casinos bring in crime suddenly and fast. Also thanks for that added info Paralyticadded to the answer Forgot about cruise ships: I have read more off the casino, thanks for the help.

If click tourists do not have a place to stay they will leave with out having spent all of their cash. Sign up or log in StackExchange.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Click the following article as a guest Name. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. I have given it about a month of time to see if it would begin making money simcity share improve this question.

Casions were still are?

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